Travel Experiences

Experiences - this seems to be the latest buzz word in travel. No longer is travel about visiting places, it's now about going somewhere and having a once in a lifetime experience.

Perhaps you would enjoy staying at an exclusive off the beaten track yoga retreat where the focus is on nurturing your body and soul?

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to stay at a Cocoa Plantation?

Are you a golfer and have dreamed about golfing at the world's most famous golf resort?

Do you have a favorite sports team, perhaps traveling to watch an iconic game is on your bucket list. World Cup anyone? Stanley Cup?

Have you dreamed of staying on a private island?

What if you could only spend one night somewhere. Where would it be? In a castle? 16th Century Monastery? Villa? Iconic hotel? Palace?

Monica's Vacation Creations can help you create a unique travel experience. Contact me to get started.


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