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Calender IconPosted on September 26, 2017

What’s Your Travel Style?

No, this isn’t about fashion, it’s about figuring out what type of vacation best suits you.

There are so many different types of travelers. From your budget conscious backpacker trying to cram a hundred destinations into one vacation to your adventure-seeking traveler, looking for the ultimate for the ultimate thrill.

Perhaps you want to hang out at an all-inclusive resort and not have to think about anything. Or you like to soak up the local culture in an old European town.

Each vacation that I help to plan is as unique as the client. When you are trying to book it yourself, how do you know if that hotel is suitable for your needs? Pictures can only tell you so much. A travel agent learns about the different resorts, hotels, and destinations. With this knowledge, we can help our clients choose the best possible itinerary.


Transforming ordinary vacations into extraordinary journeys! – Monica Millin

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