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"Authentic Italy" with Monica

Calender IconPosted on November 23, 2017

Authentic Italy is all about tours to off the beaten track places in Italy. You will be immersed in the culture, history, beauty and a little bit of Vino! Join me on my journey in discovering off the beaten track locales. Places where the locals go that aren't teeming with thousands of tourists. We will enjoy the sights, some cooking classes, wine sampling and the splendors of Italian life. My next tour will take off in the Spring of 2018, hope you will come along!


Italy is made up of 20 spectacular regions. Each one so completely different, from the landscape, the food they eat, even the language – yes Italian is spoken throughout Italy but every region has their own distinct dialect.


Authentic Italy by Monica’s Vacation Creations are small, custom group tours discovering 1 or 2 regions at a time. We will visit off the beaten track towns and sights, eating local cuisine, touring vineyards, castles, and countrysides. And because the food is such an important aspect of Italian life they’ll be cooking classes as well as wine tasting and more!

Please contact me to find out when the next tour is scheduled.