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Calender IconPosted on October 23, 2017

Venice is one of the most beautiful, unique cities in the world. Though many people are reluctant to visit her because 

a) they have heard it is very expensive 

b) it is jam-packed with tourists.


I will quickly answer those statements. Is Venice expensive? It can be. However with careful planning (and you can contact me for this!), I have been able to find lovely little B&B’s that will fit any budget, and if you wander away from the main tourist streets to find little restaurants those will be more reasonable and the food will be better.

Is Venice jam-packed with tourists? Well, yes it is. However, this is one of the reasons why you NEED to stay IN Venice. By staying in Venice you will be able to experience Venice without the “day-trippers”. Go out early (very early!) in the morning and late in the evening. you will find a totally different Venice. Also, get away from the main road and seek out where the locals hang out.

The moment you arrive in Venice you are transported to another era. Without automobiles, you can picture yourself in years gone by. If this is your first time to Venice, by all means, you must go to the usual places. St. Mark’s square, Ponte di Rialto anywhere along the Grand Canal, the Bridge of Sigh etc. But don’t make these your main focus.

Wander the little “calle” (narrow streets)

These will lead to a “campo” (square)

Campo Silvestro

Campo Silvestro

You WILL get lost. But, don’t worry that is the charm of Venice. You can wander all day stopping into a “bacaro” (wine bar) for a glass of Prosecco and some cicchetti, mmmm cicchetti

Il Paradiso Perduto!

Il Paradiso Perduto

You can also take the Vaporetto (water bus) to the outer islands, Murano, Burano, and Torcello. Take a whole day to fully experience the islands.



So between checking out the main sights, wandering away from the beaten track and visiting the outer islands, you will have experienced lots of what Venice has to offer. You will want to come back to wander some more away from the main touristy sights.

Do you want to know more about Venice? Contact me and I will be happy to share my knowledge with you!

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